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Now available on Setapp

Setapp is an innovative service providing access to a curated list of first-class Mac apps. It's a subscription service with a simple an enticing value proposition: $9.99/month to access the entire collection of hand-picked apps. And now, Secrets is part of that collection.

Secrets for Mac is still and will continue to be available on the Mac App Store with a one-time In-App Purchase. But starting today, it's also available on Setapp.

As users, we're highly reluctant to paying a subscription for an app… but with Setapp you're not paying for one app, but an ever-growing list of already over 100 apps. If you're only interested in Secrets that one-time In-App Purchase is still there for you 😉. If you find you can put some of the apps on that list to good use, perhaps you should consider signing up!

We believe Setapp to be another great distribution channel, and we're very excited to have Secrets in the hands of even more users.