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Tip Tuesday #4 – Using notes effectively

Learn how Markdown can help you store any structured data in Secrets.

Secrets 4.2: Adding support for passkeys

A new version of Secrets has just been released and with it comes support for the future of passwords… Say hello to passkeys!

Tip Tuesday #3 – Multiple Passwords per Login

A Login with multiple passwords? Learn why you might do that, and how, on today's tip.

Trusted devices: What are they?

Understand why every new device needs to be authorized to access your iCloud vaults.

Tip Tuesday #2 – Signing in on a Windows PC

The second episode of the Tip Tuesday series where I show you how to use Secrets running on your iPhone to sign in to websites on any Windows PC.

Tip Tuesday #1 – Revealing your secrets

The first video of a new series of tips that we'll help you make the most out of Secrets.

Secrets 4 now available on Setapp

The wait is over… If you've been using Secrets on Setapp, you can finally upgrade to Secrets 4.

What about Passkeys?

The future of passwords is comming, and Secrets will be ready.

Secrets 4 has Shipped!

Our first paid update in 7 years! Update today to enjoy a considerable discount.

Announcing Secrets 4!

The biggest update to Secrets is comming!