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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Windows or Android version?

Currently Secrets runs natively on macOS, iOS and iPadOS. But you can use Secrets running on your iPhone or iPad as a remote password manager to fill logins on Windows or Linux machines using Remote Access.

Where is my data stored?

Your secrets are stored locally on your devices and optionally on iCloud if you use iCloud vaults. We never have access to your data, even in encrypted form. You don't even have to create an account.

I don't like subscriptions. Do you offer a one-time purchase?

Yes. Secrets offers both one-time purchases and subscription options.

Do I need a separate purchase for macOS, iOS and iPadOS?

No. Secrets is a universal app, all purchases are valid on all your devices/platforms. Whether you opt for the one-time purchases or subscription both will work on all your devices.

Can I share my purchases with my Family?

Yes. Both one-time purchases and subscription participate in Apple's Family Sharing.

Can I share passwords and other items with my wife/partner/team?

Yes. You can create a shared vault and invite up to 10 other users. See Sharing your secrets to learn more.

Do users I invite to my vaults need to purchase anything?

All users will have read-only access to your vault. If they want to add or edit items in your vault, they'll need the 'Editing' purchase or an active subscription. Note that if you're sharing a vault with your family members you can share your purchase with them with Apple's Family Sharing.

Is there a trial?

Yes. Once you install Secrets a 7-day trial period will automatically begin.

Can I import my data from app X?

Probably. Secrets supports various different file formats generated by other apps as well as a generic CSV option that allows you to import any CSV file. See Importing items for a list of supported apps.

Can I sync Secrets 4 with previous versions?

No. Secrets 4 is a separate app with a completely different storage and sync system.

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