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Password AutoFill now on macOS Big Sur

At last… after some issues with Apple's submission process Secrets 3.4.0 has been released! Apologies for the delay but the issue was not our side. But enough chit chat, let's get into it…

Password AutoFill

This feature was only mentioned in passing during Apple's WWDC and I have yet to find a reference to it on Apple's marketing pages. But it's 😘. Perhaps the most underrated feature on macOS Big Sur?

Whereas on iOS you could already use third party Password Managers to fill passwords on every app, Big Sur finally brings that feature to iOS's older brother. Meaning you can use Secrets to quickly fill usernames and passwords on just about any app.

Using Password AutoFill on macOS Big Sur with Secrets

Keeping with the same design and security principles that we've set since the very beginning, the new Password AutoFill extension delegates passphrase handling, decryption and item selection to the main app. The flow should be very familiar to any existing Secrets user since it's practically the same as when filling in a web browser.


Accessibility support

We've added accessibility support to Secrets for iOS back in version 3.2 and you've definitely made us know that we were still missing it on our macOS counterpart. Not any more!

You can finally use VoiceOver to navigate Secrets on macOS. Our apologies for taking so long… If you're using this we'd love to hear your comments!

Auto fill credit cards

You can now also fill Credit Cards stored in Secrets on your favorite web browser. Just in time for all your Christmas shopping! 😉

The process is exactly the same as filling a Login. If Secrets detects a payment form on that web page, it will show the "Fill" button on your Credit Card entries.


We've also made many improvements throughout the app, including:

  • refined interactions when using multiple spaces and fullscreen apps;
  • automatically closing Secrets window after a fill;
  • and of course this update runs natively on the new Apple M1 chip ❤️.