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Tip Tuesday #1 – Revealing your secrets

This is the first video of a new series I'm calling "Tip Tuesday". Quick tips on how to use Secrets published on Tuesdays (not necessarily every Tuesday 😅).

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Hi, welcome to the first video of a new series called Tip Tuesday that's going to help you make the most out of Secrets. My name is Paulo, let's get to it. For this first video, we're going to start with something simple, getting a password out of Secrets. Sounds easy, right? And it is, but stick around, you may just pick up something new. I already have Secrets open here, I can, of course, hover over the password field, click the copy button, and then paste it anywhere I want. If I just want to see the password, I can click the arrow button and choose Reveal. By the way, you can open the same menu on your iPhone or iPad by long pressing on the password field. But, there's an even faster way of seeing your password. Just press the Option key. While the Option key is pressed, Secrets will review any concealed data in the UI. Be it passwords, security codes and pins, or concealed notes. And if you have an iPad with a keyboard attached, the Option key works in the same way. If you're like me and prefer to use Secrets with the detail pane closed, you don't actually have to drill down every time you want to copy a password or username. You can just use the context menu, or the keyboard shortcut. Command+C in this case. If you want to copy the username instead, just press the Option key again. Note how the menu item changes to Copy Username. And you can go a step further. If you press the Shift key, you'll now get the One Time Password. Of course, these keyboard shortcuts work for every other item type, not just logins. For example, with a credit card. Command+C copies the card number, Option+Command+C copies the security code, and Shift+Command+C copies the card holder. That's it for this tip, thanks for watching, see you next time.