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Tip Tuesday #2 – Signing in on a Windows PC

This is the second episode of the of a new "Tip Tuesday" series. Learn how to use Secrets running on your iPhone to sign in to website on a Windows or Linux PC.

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Welcome to the second episode of Secrets's Tip Tuesday I'm at my parents for the holidays and this is the perfect opportunity to show you how I can use Secrets running on my iPhone to sign in to any website on a Windows PC Technically, I'm still on vacation but being an indie means I still need to answer support emails. Now, typing on my iPhone isn't a really that efficient. Luckily I have my father's Windows PC here and it has an actual keyboard that should allow for much faster typing. I just need to sign into my CRM software. That's easy to do with Secrets! Let me show you how you do it. I already have Microsoft Edge open here with Secrets's extension already installed. To sign in I just need to right click on the page, choose Secrets, "Fill using", "Ad Hoc request"… then I scan the QR code that appears with my phone's camera tap Secrets, unlock it choose the Login I want to use… …done. The Login is filled and I can sign in. That was already pretty easy, these Ad Hoc requests are great for one off sign ins or for shared computers like the ones you'd find in schools but if you need to do this more than once then there is an even easier way and that's by paring Secrets running your phone to Secrets running on the browser. Let me show you how you do that. To pair Secrets, just right click on the page again choose the Secrets menu but now choose "Pair new device" on the settings screen that appears click the pair device button scan the QR code with your phone's camera open Secrets and pairing is automatically performed… …done. Both Secrets running on your phone and Secrets running in the browser are now paired. If we go back to the login page again instead of using the context menu and selecting Ad Hoc request we can just click the browser's toolbar button. That sends a notification to your phone you can tap on it… again, choose the Login you want to use, and that's it! Your Login is now filled. That's it for today's tip, thanks for watching… see you next time!