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Annotating your items

Except for the Note item type, every other item type in Secrets has a "Notes" field. You can use that field to place any information that doesn't fit in the other existing fields. If you're migrating from another app that supports custom fields, this would be where you'd place that information.

Both the "Text" field in the Note item type and the "Notes" field in the other item types support a subset of the Markdown syntax so you can format it nicely.

There's a video about this feature on our YouTube channel.


Using Markdown

When editing note content, you can use simple syntax to style your text with bold or italic, create links, and even conceal sensitive data.


You can style text with bold or italic or even strike through it.

Bold**This **word** is in boldThis word is bold
Italic*This *word* is in italicThis word is in italic
Strikethrough~~This ~~word~~ is struck throughThis word is struck through
Bold and Italic***This ***word*** is in bold and italicThis word is in bold and italic
Monospaced``This *text* uses a *monospaced* ~font~ and is unformatted.`This *text* uses a *monospaced* ~font~ and is unformatted.

For example, if you want to store your passport information in Secrets, you could create a Note item titled "Passport" and then type in details using the format:

**Number:** 12345
**Expiration Date:** 2025/12/07
**Nationality:** Portuguese

Which will be rendered like this:

Number: 12345
Expiration Date: 2025/12/07
Nationality: Portuguese

You can also add links to your text:

This is a link to [Secrets's website](https://secrets.app).

Which will render as:

This is a link to Secrets's website.


Finally, Secrets extends Markdown with another syntax for concealing sensitive data. This is useful, for example, if you have a Note item with codes for your building's entrance or alarm.

**Door Code:** ^[12345](concealed: true)

Or if you're storing security questions in the notes field of a Login item.

Mother maiden name?
^[some random answer](concealed: true)

When using the concealed extension, the content is hidden unless you tap/click the button with an eye symbol.

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