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Remote Access

You can use Secrets on your iOS device as a remote keychain for filling Logins and Credit Cards on a browser running on another machine, such as on Windows or Linux.

You can read more about the security details of this feature on our security design page.

Browser Extension

There's a video about this feature on our YouTube channel.


After installing Secrets's extension on your browser of choice you can make remote secret requests to paired devices or Ad Hoc.

If you're running the extension on a browser you commonly use, the best solution is to pair your iOS device first. Pairing establishes a trusted relationship between your browser and your device. You can pair a device by opening the extension's configuration page and clicking on "Pair New Device". You'll need to scan a QR Code with your iOS device to complete the pairing.

After pairing, you can just click on the browser extension to perform the request or right-click on the page and use the options under Secrets's context menu.

If you're on shared computer, such as on a school campus, or on a computer you use seldomly, you may prefer to avoid the pairing step and do Ad Hoc requests. Right-click on the page and look for "Ad Hoc" under Secrets's context menu. In this mode, you'll have to scan a QR Code with your iOS device for each request you make

Command Line

There's also a command line tool you can use from the terminal on remote servers for example. This tool is build using NodeJS and you can install it with the command:

$ npm install @outercorner/secrets-remote -g

This exposes a secrets command that allows you to securely request secrets from your iOS device right from your server, including specifying which properties you want. Here's an example command:

$ secrets request github -u https://github.com -t login:otp -d "Paulo's iPhone"

Check the command's help for details:

$ secrets -h

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