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Resetting Secrets

Resetting Secrets will delete any locally stored data and the device keys. After a reset Secrets will behave as it was just installed on a brand new device.

While you would normally never have to perform this operation you may have to if, for example, you have restored your device from a backup or have migrated your data to a new device, and, you either never created paper device or recovery key or no longer have access to them.

To reset Secrets on a Mac:

  1. Right-click on the any of unlock or recover buttons.
  2. Choose "Reset" from the context menu.
  3. Click the "Understood" checkbox.
  4. Click "Reset".

To reset Secrets on an iOS device:

  1. Long press on the any of unlock or recover buttons
  2. Choose "Reset" from the context menu
  3. Tap the "Understood" switch
  4. Tap "Reset"

After resetting, Secrets will perform its setup again. If you have other trusted devices syncing to iCloud, Secrets will prompt you to re-authorize this device during setup.

Finally, if you've haven't created or have lost your paper device, now would be a good time to (re)create one.

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