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Google Authenticator Export QR Code Converter

This tool runs entirely on your browser and converts the QR Codes Google Authenticator generates when you choose "Transfer Accounts" to the usual OTP setup QR Codes.

Each QR Code generated by the Google Authenticator app can contain more than one account. This tool generates a single standard "otpauth://" QR Code for each of those accounts. Thus allowing every account stored in Google Authenticator to be transfered to Secrets or any other password manager capable of scanning these QR Codes.

Here are the steps to do so:

  1. Open this page on a camera-enabled device different from the device running Google Authenticator app.
  2. On Google Authenticator choose "Transfer accounts" and then "Continue" on the "Export Accounts" screen.
  3. Click/Tap "Scan QR Code" button above to scan the QR Code presented by Google Authenticator.
  4. Scan each of the QR Codes presented on this page after scanning with your Password Manager.
    1. Use the "Issuer" and "Account" information to identify which account the displayed QR Code belongs to.
    2. In Secrets create or choose a Login to store this One-Time Password.
    3. Click/Tap "+ Add" and choose "One-Time Password".
    4. Click/Tap the QR Code button on the field that just appeared to scan this QR Code.
    5. Repeat for all presented QR Codes on this page.
  5. Repeat for all QR Codes presented by Google Authenticator.

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