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Importing from Google Authenticator

If you have One-Time Passwords stored in Google Authenticator and want to migrate to another app (such as Secrets) you'll discover there's actually no easy way to export your data.

Google Authenticator does have a "Transfer accounts" option that was designed to transfer your One-Time Passwords to another device that's also running Google Authenticator. When transfering accounts, you'll have to use your new device to scan various QR Codes displayed on Google Authenticator on your old device.

These QR Codes are not in the same format than those displayed in the various websites supporting two-factor authentication. The format is specific to Google Authenticator and each QR Code can actually contain information about more than one One-Time Password.

This means migrating from Google Authenticator to another app can be quite difficult. To mitigate this issue we've built a tool that will translate the QR Codes Google Authenticator generates when transferring accounts to regular One-Time Password setup QR Codes.

This tool runs entirely in your browser and you can find it here.

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