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Installing Secrets

Secrets is a universal app available on the App Store. This means any purchase on one platform is valid on all the other platforms. You can purchase Secrets's paid features either as a one-time purchase or as a subscription.

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You can install Secrets on your Mac, iPhone or iPad. The minimum requirements for each of these devices are:

  • Mac: macOS 13.0 (Ventura) or later
  • iPhone: iOS 15.0 or later
  • iPad: iPadOS 15.0 or later

For other platforms, such as Windows, you can use Secrets on your iPhone or iPad as a remote password manager using Remote Access.


You have two options to enable Secrets's paid features:

  • One-Time Purchases:
    • Editing: Create, edit, delete, and import items.
    • Sharing: Share vaults with other Secrets's users.
    • Editing+Sharing: A bundle of the previous two purchases.
  • Subscriptions: A monthly or yearly subscription that unlocks all paid features.

Since Secrets is a universal app, both the one-time purchases and the subscriptions are valid on all your devices. They are also shareable via Apple's Family Sharing.


Once you install Secrets you'll get an automatic 7-day trial of the Editing purchase. During this time you can import, create and edit items as you wish. To continue editing items once the trial period has elapsed, you'll need to either purchase the Editing feature or subscribe.

A 7-day trial of the Sharing purchase is also available. You can activate this trial from within the "Store" section of the app.


Before buying, you should take full advantage of the trial period to see if the app is a good fit for you. If you end up not liking Secrets after a purchase, you can ask Apple for a refund. Apple handles all sales and refunds.

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